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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i will see you here on "fox news the spin stops right here. >> sean: in the wake of the health care debate liberals have been going crazy trying to paint conservatives as extreme. video evidence is telling a different story. good evening i'm rich lowery in for sean hannity. it seems those on the left feel that the first amendment applies only to themselves. members saw that firsthand as they attempted to travel to a rally in harry reid's hometown of searchlight, nevada. supporters lined the streets throwing eggs at tea party buses as they passed and some intentionally redirected them in the wrong direction. journalist andrew brightbart was there and watched it all go down. >> you are throwing els. that's not nice. you are throwing eggs. that's not nice.
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>> get him out of here or i'm going to jail today. >> what did you just say? >> i said i love you! >> you are going to jail if i don't get out of here? i haven't said anything provocative. i haven't said one thing provocative. >> it's over! it's over! >> i'm standing here -- [ inaudible ] they want to be violent against me. >> joining me with more on this the man himself founder and publisher of big, and true thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> set out what happened. you go and stand on the sidewalk in the middle, a saoufpl harry reid supporters and -- i assume in the middle of harry reid and union activists what happened? >> i thought arrived where the
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event was, there was a guy holding up a sign that said searchlight. as i got out the guy said to me, i'm misdirecting traffic and laughed like he was in a movie or a clown house. i asked why are you redirecting traffic down the wrong highway? a bunch of the harry reid supporters surrounded me and while that happened, as i was is asking him why he was misdirecting traffic, the tea party bus procession started to go down the highway and right then and there as you can see on the video, that group of people started to throw a barrage of eggs. about a dozen eggs were thrown. i found myself in that incident. >> you didn't do anything to provoke anyone, obviously. you have this gentleman, i use the word loosely n the baseball cap, come up and say get this guy out of here or i'm going to jail today. presumably he didn't mean for
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jaywalking, littering or anything of that nature, wait's threat. >> i'm not a psychologist but they call that passive aggression in my neighborhood. >> this wasn't on the video that we played but you captured it on your site. you had some court of security official come right after, very angry about these eggs being thrown. and you have someone else from the crowd talk to her and try to tell her that you were the one throwing the eggs. >> they called the police on me. as you can see, i didn't throw the eggs. as you can understand i have no desire to throw eggs at the tea party express bus. but they did. >> that would be a very strange psychological disorder if you did, andrew. >> indeed it would be. while i was going to my car, two police cars pulled up to me and said they had been called because i was alleged
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by the group of the people who did throw the eggs, that they said you threw the eggs. i said well, as you can see i've a cameraman behind me and i can show you right now the video will show that they were the ones that threw it. the police officer as opposed to going back to the crowd, that called the police, he now had a new crime on his hand that they had falsely called the police on me. just drove way he could have cared less that there were threats of assault on me, which i told him about. he could care less that the eggs had been thrown at the tea party group by in group of people. as you can later see at big we isolate who had the individuals were who were involved they were from the international brotherhood of electrical workers out of nevada. they were the ones that were throwing the eggs. the person who called the police and who on camera is
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seen blaming me for what is obvious that i didn't do, is a guy by the name of bryan who works for the nevada democratic party. he's the field director for the nevada democrat party. he used to be a staffer for hillary clinton. he was the one who was involved in this tactic of misdirection and accusing me of what they were trying to do. which was trying to stoke and provoke an incident at the rally. >> you actually have a freeze frame with a big arrow pointing to one of these guys with the egg in his palm. let's get to the deeper political import, which you began to do right there. what if this were tea party activists who had eggs and threw them at a bus carrying harry reid or harry reid supporters and threatened a democratic activist in their midst? what would the media have done with this story?
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>> narrative that came out of false accusations from the capitol protest the day before the health care bill was passed, was that the tea party movement is racist. that it is on the verge of some type of violent outburst. when the facts have not aligned up to that whatsoever. but the mainstream media is buying the left's new tactic of trying to destroy the tea party by maligning it and marginalizing it to the outskirts of society. this is a coordinated attempt to destroy the tea party movement. that's my assessment of what is going on. this goes against the narrative. the video of them trying to -- they had to go so far out of their way to go to searchlight, nevada a place last touched upon by neil armstrong and buzz aldrin lunar land escape where they came to protest and
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talk about the constitution. you can watch the video. >> quickly, talk about the incident prior to the health care vote. where a group of african-american congressmen were allegedly call the n-word by tea party protesters reported by every major media outlet in the country used to tar the tea partiers as racist. you have done a lot of the analysis, you do see it and you believe it is a hoax. >> i've offered $100,000 to john o'congressman john lewis and the black congressional caucus to prove that incident happened there. was a sea of media everybody was holding up ipods throughout the event. if you heard the n-word, their heads which were caught on video would have moved left or right to the commotion. it didn't happen. this is all a concerted effort to try and detroit the tea party movement by ing it as violent and racist.
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>> andrew thanks for being with us tonight keep up the great work you are invaluable. >> thank you very much. >> next, jobs report is in. the government says 162,000 jobs were added in march. good news, right? not so fast. we'll tell what is really we'll tell what is really behind that number still haven't tried activia? listen to this story. my problem was occasional irregularity. my commercials didn't convince you? i'm definitely a skeptic. actually, my mom convinced me. and i have activia every morning for breakfast.
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jobs report as proof the economy is beginning to boom. numbers released this morning by labor department show 162,000 jobs were added in march. a closer look shows how deceiving that number is. first, we know the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.7%. we also know that of 162,000 jobs created, 48,000 of those were added by the u.s. census bureau. separately, according to the associated press, temporary help services reported 40,000 job -- sorry 40,000 job increase. the surge in temp jobs the answer to turning the economy around? joining me the author of the sellout. charles gasparino. from the fox business network, jerry -- eri willis. how can you add any number of jobs and have the unemployment
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rate stay the same? >> you have to add a lot of jobs to move that number. the numbers aren't enough to fix the pain americans are feeling. 160,000 not that much. we need to get 180, 200 jobs each month to start making a difference in the unemployment rate. >> charles discuss how real this number is? 162,000 sounds good but a lot goes into that number. >> it isn't a lot in the multi-trillion dollar economy if you break down the numbers half of the jobs come from government in some form state and local governments and the census. >> close. it is really only 48,000 jobs that were census jobs. local and feds, local and states lost 9,000 jobs. so it is only 39,000 out of 162. >> we are talking about a job market that shed eight million
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jobs since the recession started. 6.5 million people unemployed a long time. >> this is the very definition of a jobless recovery. you have unemployment stable and high relatively stable and high may go down a little. gdp growing. it is scary. what you have are businesses, small businesses not talking about the guy that mows your lawn. companies that employ between 200 and 2,000 people not hiring because they are afraid of the future. the future is costs in the form of taxes, cap and trade, health care mandates. >> gerri, do you agree? are business owners looking on what could be coming down the pike? >> small businesses, large businesses, everybody is worried about this new regulatory environment. they don't know what it is going to bring. what is it going to be like to work under the health care reform? we don't know. we are still trying to unstand
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those costs. this hits americans in the wallet. they are not getting jobs. they are not keeping jobs itch that's the big worry. >> the unknown and health care bill something no one focused on. some warning about it ahead of time. huge corporate write-downs. we've seen, two, three, four billion dollars already. is that -- >> i think so, i saw the white house today pooh-poohed it they said it wasn't that big a deal if you look at the health care overall and what the cbo said what the savings were, 138 billion over 10 years that comes out to roughly 13 billion dollars a year that's not a lot. when you have corporate write-downs they have to impact that savings number. >> they will say that is not real money just an an accounting number. >> it is not an accounting number. they are going to have other costs too. my big fear is some companies are going to say i'm just
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going to pay the fee. i'm going to stop giving health care to my employees. they can get it in the private market ultimately it is cheaper to pay the fine. >> it does matter more for small businesses. a big company could take that write-down and spread it out over a bigger balance sheet. small businesses are usually the engine of the recovery. for them not to be hiring now in a major way is scarring -- scary it shows how scared they are about these mandates. >> and they are not hiring. >> talk about what effect the stimulus had on this jobs market? administration you pass the stimulus unemployment rate doesn't go above 8%. we are still at 9.7 and a jobless recovery. >> they are saying the stimulus should have made the unemployment rate right now brought it down to 7%. that shows how off they were. >> we averted the crisis mostly the money that went to the banks. the stimulus hasn't taken us
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far enough. are we going to have more stimulus? i don't know where all this spending is going to come from. regular americans are worried about where their grandkids are going to be paying for this? >> whenever we talk about stimulus in the context of washington everyone needs to reach for their wallet obviously. charles would be sound stimulus? >> we needed a stimulus coming out of the financial meltdown. we needed a tax cut. that goes directly to businesses and they could put it to work. this stimulus was money raised through the sale of bonds given to the states, who was supposed to do shovel-ready projects. they didn't. unemployment in the construction trades right now is 25%. unemployment among state and city workers, guess what? 3%. that money went just to keep their workforces bloated. >> one of the most shovel-ready of all was supposed to be weatherization. they put five billion dollars it in and the department of energy spent a year looking at what the prevailing wage rates
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are in all the count -- ash -- counties in the united states to satisfy the unions few homes if any have been weather rised. >> i've been to one of those hopes in ohio. i found one. homes in ohio. i found one. they are doing the stuff americans do everyday rolling out insulation it is not brain surgery. it is temporary. more of an employment gig for people who need work. more than a weatherization project. >> end of the year around november, i'll pick that month randomly. where do you think we are going to be with the unemployment rate? >> i don't see big improvement. it is going to take a long time to move the needle on that number. the monthly job gains have to go way up, 200,000, somewhere north of that maybe. >> we would have to be at 9 right now to get it below 9. >> guys excellent thank you for the distressing news going
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into the easter weekend. thanks so much. the president is wracking up a long list of broken promises. the c-span negotiations and closing gitmo are just the beginning. we'll fill you good job, keep going ! you took my eggs ! it's an "egg management fee." what does that even mean ? egg management fee. even kids know it's wrong to take other people's stuff. that's why at ally bank we don't eat away at your savings with fees. and we offer rates among the most competitive in the country. it's just the right thing to do.
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but because they can't afford it. >> it is a little odd that the bill he just signed into law requires each and every american under penalty of law, to purchase health care. these flip-flops extend to border security too. here's what candidate obama had to say on that subject. >> we need tougher border security and renewed focus on busting up gangs and traffickers crossing our borders. that begins at home with comprehensive immigration reform. securing our border and passing tough employer enforcement laws. >> given his strong feelings i
5:23 am
wonder why the department of homeland security halted the virtual fence it was building on the u.s./mexican border two weeks ago. jim garrity has compiled a list of the president's broken promises on nationalreview got come a good website if i say so -- a good website if i say so myself. you were the first who pointed out this obama statements having an expiration date. when did you notice it? >> probably during the campaign. people are cynical and believe ma politicians lie. i don't think obama necessarily intends to lie. i think of him as like the guy in memento whose memory kept resetting. he forgets them. i'll be a sympathetic guy and says he intends it the moment he says it. then it gets hard.
5:24 am
then all of a sudden these promises and pledges and no matter how heartfelt and absolutely emphatic and pounding the table he was. they all of a sudden don't seem so important a little later when the key audience has changed and there's no someone in his ear, someone saying you need to keep your word on this. >> i think i have a slightly more cynical theory. i think any liberal or left wing candidate running pore president of the united states in the center right country, inherently is forced into making statements and representations he's not going to follow through on if he's true to his core convictions. >> absolutely. probably safe to say if he had run on i'm going to talk a good game onboarder security and talk about a jury wall fence and not fund any of -- about a virtual fence and not fund any of that and talk about how wise individual mandates are and sign them into law that doesn't sell well. if you give good promises now and go back on all.
5:25 am
obama -- go ahead sorry. [ talking over each other ] >> he wants to emphasize and underline. >> how many items approximately did you accumulate on this list and how long did it take? did you lock yourself in the basement for two, three days and go through? >> you have seen my office. >> no, i haven't. >> i got to 33. that's when the debilitating carpal tunnel set in a couple were during the campaign. my favorite when jeff johnson, a high ranking ceo who had a giant bonus and not performed well was on his vice presidential selection committee. he insisted look this guy does not work for me the next day he accepted his resignation. if he doesn't work for you, how can you accept his resignation. that was within four hours he said no longer -- within 24 hours, he said no longer inon able as they used to say the
5:26 am
first 100 days were busy. >> 18 i believe promises -- the first 100 days he didn't follow through on. >> i used this mantra all statements come from barack obama come with an expiration date. i stopped emphasizing the points first year, i didn't encounter that many liberals who wanted to argue he was good at keeping promises. i think obama became well defined the jimmy fallon joke christmastime last year. he said michelle obama wasn't going to get too excited over her presents use she is used to barack promising a lot and didn't deliver anything. yes the stimulus is fantastic it will create a million jobs the first couple of days. health care bill is better than jesus showing up at your door and healing you personally. everything gets overpromised
5:27 am
and oversold he forgets about x)'at down the road. mary obvioused him after signing the health care bill he went from this bill will fix everything to this bill won't fix everything in the same speech. >> i think he realizes how he got caught overpromising about stimulus. 90% jobs in the sector, unemployment under 8%. he's made representations during the health care debate flatly untrue. premiums are not going down. costs are not going down. i think he's going to have -- i think he's trying to dial it back now that they've got the bill passed. >> never mind the promise, it is going down 3,000%, i would have settled for 3%. during the discussion of the bill, no one ever talked about oh we are going to see 100 million dollar hits to companies immediately. caught off guard by that
5:28 am
phenomenon. one of those things where if obama was not posing as santa clause. if he was not giving you these wonderful goodies and he had to sell his pieces of legislation there are going to be drawbacks and not work as well, democrats who had to be twisted around like stretch armstrong would say i'm not putting my career on the line for a bill that is not going to work. i wonder if the same bill went before congress now whether it will still pass. >> clearly the shifts in the individual mandate. during the campaign he opposed it when hillary proposed it. for such an item that is so important signature initiative this health care bill, he didn't have a mandate for this version. he opposed the individual mandate. he never mentioned the tax increase. he never mentioned the medicare cuts. he just said it was going to cut premiums for families the rest would be sugarplums and ice cream. >> yeah. interesting when you watch the
5:29 am
debates between him and hillary clinton at this point. looks like he mentioned he doesn't like the individual mandates how he thinks the problem isn't people punished sufficiently if they don't have it, the problem is they can't afford it this is was applause line he used against hillary clinton. obviously they is in a different position now. she is not going to jump out and say hey you have gone back on what seemed like an important line. i think, you know this administration has spent 30 million dollars on campaign ads against john mccain claiming he was going to tax health benefits as if they were income. during this health care debate the administration kept giving signal after signal we are open to it, considering it. you saw he's establishing his deficit reduction and asked are tax cuts -- >> we to get out of here. in a year's time we'll give you another two, three days off to update the list.
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thanks jim. don't go anywhere. the great american panel is up next. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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>> rich: tonight on our great american panel. he's a nationally syndicated talk show host and partner,
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hugh hewitt is here. former adviser to senate majority leader harry reid penny lee joins us. he's a popular speaker and best selling author. stephen mansfield also joins us. thanks everyone for being here. hugh we had this new poll out today shows president's job approval lowest ever 44%. approval on health care lowest ever in that poll, 34%. what happened to the there's delay passing a sprawling budget busting unpopular health care bill is going to be the thing to refor -- restore obama to health? >> at&t, 100 billion at deere. it is not specifics that are awful. i think the president ran as a
5:34 am
bipartisan candidate and he's disappointed a lot of people because it was the most partisan exercise of raw politics that we've seen at the national level probably going back to lbj. the distance between expectation and the way he has acted. and the way he's acting now. in maine one of the most ungracious moments. i think he's doing himself enormous
5:35 am
in the we have to watch the job numbers. what was announced today was important because we are seeing the trend lines change and beginning to see job growth occur once again. is it enough? no. do we need to do more? absolutely. the thing more determinative than not than this poll today is what those job numbers are going to be. >> rich: i think democrats are fooling themselves if they think the health care vote is going away. this is a big deal. >> one of those that reminds them everyday. i think the administration has the onus on them to explain to the american public everyday what this bill does. it means you no longer get denied when you have a preexisting condition. >> it doesn't mean that until
5:36 am
2014. [ talking over each other ] >> is not going to have problems with the medicaid -- [ talking over each other ] >> this is where the cynicism comes in. president obama represented those things, closing the doughnut hole. ending the exclusion on people with preexisting conditions if they were happening immediately. they are not happening until 2014. >> small businesses are going to get immediate tax credits. [ talking over each other ] >> he never told us they were going to have huge write-downs from corporate america of billions of dollars. >> i think the american people get lost in these details. i agree on the issue that he's removed from his statesmanlike tone and has become a chicago bare knuckles brawler. why keep stepping down from the bully pulpit? why engage rush limbaugh go
5:37 am
after glenn beck? he's the president of the united states. he doesn't seem to know how to wield power at a statesmanlike presidential level. he keeps stepping into the brawl that accounts for some of his loss of numbers. >> he knows how to wield power. he is obviously really bothered by pundits the president of the united states with due respect to us, you shouldn't be that bothered. >> you don't want to picture your president sitting in the oval office and west wing reading over the blogs and worrying about his press and i'm going to get that rush limbaugh tomorrow. that's kind of the image that he's not this grand figure that was presented to us in the campaign. now he's going after his enemies in an lbj-way that no american likes. >> what i think has gone on with the tea partiers has been outrageous. there's an incident before the vote where african-american lawmakers walked into the
5:38 am
capitol alleged they were spit upon and called the n-word. with a little more reflection turns out there is no documented evidence whatsoever. do you believe it happened? >> no, i think. i think andrew breitbart's piece puts out an interesting proposition. there's a concerted effort underway to tempt the tea party into a defining negative movement. most of the tea party people are good, wonderful, patriotic americans who are concerned about this country after gm, after the stimulus, after the seizure of the student loans, obama care. they are concerned about the country. but they are good, normal, ordinary people and they are not going to be tempted into this. incidents like this are being staged. >> rich: doesn't every media organization that reported this have the obligation to let us know whether it happened or not. >> going back and retracting their stories but they never do, they never will because they are who they are. >> rich: about 30 seconds left. why can't liberals admit tea
5:39 am
partiers are paper why its who disagree with us? >> because you are seeing that vitriol at a high level and lack of civility you saw it on the house of the floor when had you stupak standing there with a speech and being called a baby killer on the house floor. the civility needs to be returned. we are showing them and there is a -- >> rich: if you are making stuff up though -- >> absolutely if it didn't happen it needs to be exposed. >> rich: more with our panel after the break. stick with us. why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run... and to eat whatever happens to be around. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. mmmm. the new taste is better than ever. and with only 70 calories activia light
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>> rich: we continue with our great american panel. there's amazing video recently, a congressman phil hare talking about the constitution and health care, check it out. >> i don't worry about the constitution on this to be honest. >> jackpot, brother. >> i care more about the people that are dying everyday that don't have health insurance. >> you care more about that than the u.s. constitution? >> i believe it says we have the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. >> that that's the declaration of independence. >> it doesn't matter to me. >> rich: i have low standards for congressmen and women isn't it shocking that he doesn't note different between the declaration of independence and the
5:43 am
constitution and doesn't care? >> i'll give him a pass on that because we all have our gotcha moments. i'm stunned a man would dismiss the constitution when it comes to health care. please god this was not common in the u.s. congress. >> rich: is it unconstitutional? >> i believe the individual mandates is unconstitutional. what i tell my law students that it matters. we can do 15 years of chapman, hear a congressman who takes the oath to say it doesn't matter even if it is a slip. bobby schiller 20 plus two democrat district people go to bobby2010 if they are upset. >> unfortunately, -- it is unfortunate and a shame he does need to respect the constitution and the declaration of independence.
5:44 am
and what said was unfortunate. >> what does john adams say one useless man is a shame two is a law firm, three or more is a congress. >> rich: would you want to see the supreme court strike it down? >> i believe that challenge will get there. it doesn't it is all going away. the individual mandate should have nothing to do with interstate commerce. it does not affect someone sitting alone in their room. it would cause the anti-federalists to go crazy. very significant challenge coming down. i think you will see a 5-4 decision and i hope justice kennedy sides with the -- >> stephen if the government can do this, can make you buy a product from a private business is there anything it can't did? can it mandate you to buy anything it wants? >> i can't think of it. the whole idea of the 10th amendment is say everything else to the stays. the idea that we can be required to buy something that is so -- so forward to the
5:45 am
world view of founders it is not funny. >> you are required to buy now through medicare. it is already there. many scholars would argue directly opposite of you that the individual mandate is there because of the commerce clause. >> how can you engage in commerce if you are not buying health insurance? >> because of the overriding regulation they need regulate health insurance as a total because they believe, that the only way to get individuals -- the only way to make the system right is to have all individuals in. that is the commerce action their ability to not only regulate but also tax. >> rich: let me shift gears. talk about something important, tiger woods. going to be a big week coming up at the masters. opinion any you are a golf fan. isn't -- penny you are a golf fan. isn't this the biggest masters ever and couldn't it help
5:46 am
golf? >> i think any time tiger woods plays it helps golf as you see tournament after tournament. one thing about the masters is they regulate how much press is going to be there. is it going to draw record ratings? i imagine so. as a fan and golfer myself and someone who watched him in 2005 win the masters i watch him for his golf. he's phenomenal and i wish him the best of luck and i hope he comes back roaring to play >> rich: you wish him the best of luck? there's a report he's giving one of his mistress 10 million dollars to stay quiet. >> it is good friday. i think the theme of forgiveness is great and we should move past in and allow him to play golf and america to forget the steamy side. >> i don't play golf because i already have a religion. the thing with tiger woods saddens me. great article in vanity fair a few months ago. that he has been in the public
5:47 am
eye so much that there's a soullessness to him. i hope he reclaims himself through this. how sad and how tragic. so we all wish him well, especially on good friday. i think the major issue is, you can't just buy off the people that you have wronged and sinned against your wife with. you have to refashion an interior life. >> rich: penny will you look at him differently now? he's a tremendous golfer, this is incredibly unseamly stuff. >> i'm not one that lives in a glass house either and throwing the stones. i appreciated him for his talent on the course. i appreciate athletes they elevate to you an ideal. a way in which you would ever aspire to be. so it is inspiring in and of its set. the other thing is between his wife, his family his maker. >> rich: it is a delicate
5:48 am
line. someone like that is is a role model for so many people, so many kids, especially. >> that's the hard thing. we were all cheering him on. he was so good. he was so beyond everybody else. he was african-american. we loved this. there's the disappointment factor. we shouldn't be crueler to him than anyone else and we should wish him well. >> rich: thank you guys happy easter, enjoy the weekend. next, the world's most famous bounty hunter and the star of his own show. the dog chapman sat down with sean, next.
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- hi, i'm halle berry, and as a new mom, i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to >> rich: our next guest is consider the greatest bounty
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hunter in the world more than 6,000 captures. duane dog chapman also happens to be born again christian. his new book mercy shown, mercy given. recounts experiences in his life including the time he served in a texas prison. sean sat down with him earlier. >> sean: good to see you. welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> sean: i dedicate this book to anyone i offended with my mouth. >> yes, sir. >> sean: explain. >> well, with my mouth, couple times i stepped on my tongue and one time in particular i did. so try explain why i thought i could do that and what happened when i did. and the lessons i have learned. i'm sure there's other people that have made mistakes with their tongue. so i try show, my whole life is -- was a mistake now is redemption. so, people need to learn that and hear that and you know, i wrote that down so they could
5:53 am
see. >> sean: i interviewed you at the time. and i remember how upset you were. and i remember i was reading you very closely. and i remember saying on the air, you seemed genuinely sorry, contrite. you explained your background, your life and all that. do you feel that when you go out and people see you -- you're a rock star wherever you go, people have forgiven you? >> absolutely. i don't think a lot of people that were maybe against me really were. what people say is, you know it is past now dog, forget it. and i say, no, lest we not forget. i want to stand for that i learn the hard way and i will be that for the rest of my life. i want people to understand the lessons in life and how you come back from something like that and you know it is good for everybody all the way around. >> sean: let's talk about this case. you were involved in this guy
5:54 am
the heir to the max factor fortune, wealthy playboy, partying on the lam you find out he's in mexico. explain, you talk about this, explain this. >> he was wanted for 86 counts of rape out of america. max factor's great grandson andrew luster. during the trial he split. in california they have a law that they convict you or go on in the trial -- with the trial in abstentia whether you are there or not. i don't agree that law. when he ran he became "america's most wanted" behind bounty hunters, federal marshals anybody in my kind of business were looking. so, i had to catch this guy. 86 counts of rape. a fisherman as i heard you talked a minute ago, a fisherman wants to catch the record fish. in my world the record guy was andrew luster.
5:55 am
>> sean: you found him? >> correct, beth and i and i took my son leland and brother tim we did the tracking and found him in mexico. he's now doing 120 something years. i want an interview with him, because i never got in the backseat why did you do this? you were offered -- johnnie cochran got him a 15 year deal he snubbed his nose at it and entered up getting 120 four. i want to see him in prison, interview him and see what i can mas him tick. >> sean: interesting -- what makes him tick. >> sean: interesting side note. when you arrest him he speaks spanish to the authorities and he says to them that he's being kidnapped. >> correct. he was fluent in spanish. and they took us all to the ground. he's telling them this guy is kidnapping me he's a crazy gringo look in his eyes. his name is dog on his website
5:56 am
it says he specializes in kid thatting -- kidnapping. it says i look for runaway kids. he knew had the lingo. they put us all on the ground and took us all to jail. as the hours went by and i said listen would you please put me in the cell with that guy and they started laughing and said sure. i'm not right on. then they went no. because he started screaming, no don't put the dog in here. he was so high on something that he finally said, when i knew that he was brazen and very bold, and when i said tell them your real name take a breath. he said -- that's when i my bounty. he said my name is andrew stuart luster. he said it with pride. i winked at the deputy and boom they their guy. >> sean: the biggest case? >> that was the most exciting case, yes, he was hard to find. >> sean: you walked out of a
5:57 am
texas state penitentiary, quarter century earlier. made a promise to yourself and god you would never go back to jail. >> how long ago? >> sean: quarter of a century. >> a quarter of a century. the warden said please go make me proud. before he died he got to watch a couple episodes of dog the bounty hunter so i'm proud of that >> sean: you spent a year and a half. this was trumped up charges against you. >> 18 months. >> sean: what was that like? >> it wasn't like the army. but i guess you could say it is the army for the get and it made me a man. i learned how to shave there. i learned a lot of good things there. a lot of bad things could have happened, but i guess i took the good things that happened. in my business now, because i was in prison, a lot of people that have the opinion about me say he knows everybody. he knows how they think. i told a story the other day
5:58 am
when i was a child my grandpa told me an indian boy was captured by wolves. at 14 his parents found him again and took him back. never did that indian boy forget how to communicate with the wolf. that is like me i can communicate with these guys that i capture that alone is worth the 18 months. >> sean: i've seen the show forget you, i can handle you. i can't handle your waoeufr beth coming after me. why -- your wife beth coming after me. why won't you ever come on tv with me. she won't come on. >> she will. >> sean: you fell to your knees you realized how great this country is. >> absolutely. as you go across the border, i guess could you call it escaping. as i walk across the border the guy says hold it right there. i'm like oh no, dressed in green the same color as the mexican authorities. and i thought i've just been busted. and he said dog, homeland security, we've been waiting for. as i looked on the wall there
5:59 am
was this huge american flag. on my cell phone was the playboy mansion, hugh hefner and he said -- i'm sorry honey -- he said dog bring your wife of course and you come here. i was july 1st, of course july 4th, was coming up. i was right then i said i'm so glad to be an american. no matter who is leading our country we are all i heard you say, i hate to quote you -- >> sean: what do you mean you hate to quote me. >> i got to get my own things. no matter who is leading the country we need to get behind our leader, no matter who he is. >> sean: i'm just trying to get this leader defeated and the people around him defeated. that's a separate story. the lord's prayer says where mercy is shown, sphers is given. dog good to see. >> rich: that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us on this good friday edition of hannity. we wish everyone around the


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